5 November 2013

Boston breakfast
Boston Tea Party (Gloucester Road, Bristol)

Boston tea Party, Gloucester Road Bristol
I make no secret of the fact that I’m a big fan of Boston Tea Party. I am a regular frequenter of the Boston on Cheltenham Road, opting to visit for many reasons, not least because it’s five minutes’ walk from my front door. So on a blustery Autumn Sunday I decided to make my legs work a little harder, and headed off to visit their newest addition on Gloucester Road.

This particular branch opened just a few weeks ago, but is already a huge hitter on the Sunday breakfast scene. Having visited most of the Bostons, the thing that struck me first about the Gloucester Road venue was its style - the place really does look fantastic. And I admit that my expectations were high on that front, because the first thing you see as you’re walking in is a giant mural of a boiled egg. What could be a better breakfast welcome than that?

Boston tea Party, Gloucester Road Bristol
If I was to describe the style I would say it is part diner, part school gym. In fact, the room to the rear has a floor so reminiscent of primary school that I feel like I should be in my vest and plimsolls. This theme is continued with tables which, by the look of the graffiti on them, have been salvaged from classrooms containing several hormonally charged teenage girls - ours had ‘Olly Murs’ painstakingly carved into the top of it.

The diner element comes into play with the furnishings. Streams of colourful retro lights hover over the tables, and much of the seating is devoted to huge red leather booths. It’s a style that works well in a restaurant which is quite frankly, massive. Dividing the huge back room into booths and communal seating means you’re probably never going to have to wait long for a seat, even on a Sunday.

Chorizo Baked Eggs from Boston tea Party, Gloucester Road Bristol
And so, after picking a booth we joined the throng and embarked on breakfast. Now, I have lost count of the number of times I have ordered the chorizo baked eggs at a Boston. It all stems from the time my friend ordered it and I didn’t...automatic food envy. So ever since, I’ve had to order it because I know I’ll regret if I don’t. This time was no exception. Although perhaps a little undercooked, otherwise it was spot on – two eggs baked on top of a spicy stew full of chorizo and potatoes, all topped with yogurt and sides of toasted sourdough and a guaranteed burnt mouth. This thing is as hot as the sun. At just under seven quid it’s also hugely good value...in fact I’ve only managed to finish it once.

The chance of food envy however is always pretty high at a Boston. The new ‘Americana’ menu includes salt beef, pulled pork, and hot dogs which is a like a check list of things I’m going to want to order on a hangover. The sandwiches are inventive, generously filled and some even come with their very own pun (see ‘Get your goat, you’ve pulled’). My companion opted for ‘The Boss’ breakfast which came served in what can only be described as a small trough, and which he spectacularly defeated. I could only look on in awe.

The Boss Breakfast from Boston tea Party, Gloucester Road Bristol
The huge serving area to the front is heaving under delicious looking cakes and pastries which would satisfy anyone’s sweet craving - especially if you’re like me and enjoy a pudding after breakfast (my blog about Hart’s Bakery is enough to tell you that). The new Boston also has a great range of local bottled beer which I would have gone for, had it been past midday and slightly more socially acceptable.

Unfortunately the filter coffee machines were broken on this occasion, which was a shame but something which I think was quickly rectified. I’d also advise that although you might not have to wait for a table, due to the size you should probably expect a bit of a wait for the food if you visit on a weekend. However there are plenty of new drinks on the menu to try and great local art work to keep you occupied.

And if all else fails, you could always practice your star jumps while you wait.

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