20 August 2014


I love pizza. I love beer. Beer loves pizza and pizza loves beer. It’s all one big happy family, and a family that is brought to Bristol courtesy of Beerd in Kingsdown.

Beerd is owned by Bath Ales, and has been providing a plethora of local and international brews for some time now. Excitingly, they are also currently running a pop-up in Clifton village for those of you who don’t fancy the walk over (lazy bones). However, as I am also a lazy bones, I prefer to frequent the location that’s simultaneously close to my work and my home. More time for drinking.

6 August 2014

The Townhouse
Set menu

My partner and I often disagree about deals and discounts. When the bottle of wine says “was £14.99, now £8.49”, she will pick it up, content that it’s a bargain. I, perhaps the more cynical of the two of us, will make noises that it probably was never worth fifteen quid in the first place.

What I can’t disagree with however, is real value for money. And that is why I came away feeling supremely content after sampling the early-bird menu at the Townhouse on Whiteladies Road. Three courses for a tenner. Ten pounds!  When I saw that, I decided I need to take my cynicism and give it a damn good go.