20 August 2014


I love pizza. I love beer. Beer loves pizza and pizza loves beer. It’s all one big happy family, and a family that is brought to Bristol courtesy of Beerd in Kingsdown.

Beerd is owned by Bath Ales, and has been providing a plethora of local and international brews for some time now. Excitingly, they are also currently running a pop-up in Clifton village for those of you who don’t fancy the walk over (lazy bones). However, as I am also a lazy bones, I prefer to frequent the location that’s simultaneously close to my work and my home. More time for drinking.

A review of Beerd in Bristol by food and restaurant blogger Avon GorgedMy first visit to Beerd was around eighteen months ago. Having come back from a visit to Bruges I was delighted to see they had Brugse Zot on draft. Even more delighted when I succeeded in getting my partner’s dad even drunker than I was.
What I like about Beerd is that the selection on offer is changeable and seasonal. On most visits, you can expect to find American-style IPAs, stouts and porters, Belgian wheat beers, fruit beers, European lagers and a whole host of other options for you to sample. There’s also always lots of local breweries to try, as well as Beerd’s own brews. 

On my last visit a few weeks ago, they had Wild Beer & Fyne Ale's Cool as a Cucumber on draft, which at 2.9% made a perfect summer lunchtime drink. Speaking of lunchtimes, to my waistline’s dismay, I also discovered that they offer one of their 9 inch pizzas with two toppings for a fiver in the week. A very dangerous discovery indeed.

The pizza offerings are just as they should be; crisp, thin and bursting with flavour. The pizzas use classic ingredients such as artichoke and proscuttio but you can always create your own from their vast array of lovely ingredients.

A review of Beerd in Bristol by food and restaurant blogger Avon Gorged
They also have a daily pizza which can be a little more unusual such as the blue cheese, chorizo and cauliflower I first tried (obviously my first time eating at Beerd meant I had to order the weird sounding one). And to everyone’s surprise, including mine, the cauliflower was a revelation. It was cauliflower cheese on a pizza with the addition of chorizo, which we’ve all agreed previously, makes everything better. It’s a skilled hand that can put together strong flavours such as these, without everything becoming a jumble.

The bar snack portion of the menu has always provided intrigue, especially with one friend who could barely contain himself until he ordered the bar sausage. Turned out maybe it wasn’t quite as special as he’d hoped for, but hey ho. I've always been more of a Scampi Fries kinda gal anyway.
Oh, and they also do salads, if you’re that way inclined.

The only criticism I have of Beerd is that I feel the drinks prices are a little higher than some places in town. But that’s a trade-off for the wide selection of bottles and draft brews to choose from. I rarely pass in the evening without it being rammed, so it doesn't seem to cause too much of a concern for the Bristol folk. Also, if you’re a student or work for the NHS you get a 10% discount. Not much you can argue with there...apart from the fact that I am neither a student nor work for the NHS.

Beerd continues to deliver excellent beer and pizzas every time. It’s a bright, sociable setting and an excellent place to hang out, drink and eat. I hope that this latest pop-up may be a sign of things to come because I would love to see Beerd branch out even further. And I think my partner’s Dad might just be up for a rematch.

Beerd is open every day and the lunchtime special is available 12pm – 4pm, Monday to Friday
The Beerd pop-up in Clifton is running until the 12th September

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