7 January 2014

The Bristolian

Breakfast menu at The Bristolian, Bristol
It’s a new year, and a very good time to be in Bristol that’s for sure. With lots of new potential eateries on the horizon I thought I would start 2014 instead with a very local haunt for me, and one many Bristolians are familiar with, not least because that’s its name.

I’m reliably informed that The Bristolian in Montpelier has been around for some time. However it was rebranded and reopened a little over a year ago and, judging by the hordes crammed inside during my visit, it seems to be pretty darn popular. The whole place has a very welcoming vibe – upon entering you’re greeted by a counter bursting under home-made salads, quiches and cakes and some very friendly staff. The tables are nestled amongst pot plants with hundreds of cushions inviting you to relax and plenty of chatty folk enjoying their weekend.

The Bristolian is open well into the evenings, with a menu which offers solutions for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Having heard talk of “mammoth breakfasts” however, I chose the morning shift and was pleased I did. I often think that breakfast is a true test of any restaurant or café – so easy to get right, but so often done badly. I’m pleased to report that on this occasion it was definitely done right.

Sausage and egg breakfast ciabatta at the Bristolian, Bristol
The breakfast choices on offer at the Bristolian range from Eggs Benedict to homemade waffles, with several others in between - including both vegan and vegetarian options. I chose the ‘Bristolian breakfast’ mainly because it was the headline act but also because it had three types of pork on it. My fellow diner opted for a less-massive-sounding breakfast sandwich which although provided variety for this blog, I saw as a bit of a cowardly option. That was until I saw the beast! A huge ciabatta stuffed with free-range eggs and sausages, nestled on top of a (somewhat unnecessary) salad garnish...my companion’s eyes lit up.

The Bristol breakfast, Bristol
My mammoth brekkie arrived next and I immediately tucked in. Everything was brilliantly well cooked; there were perfect poached eggs, crispy black pudding and a distinct lack of grease which always makes you feel better about eating a Full English. I’ll admit I was sceptical about ‘sesame infused spinach’ before I ordered it. I’m still not sure I’m a total convert but it did go well with the eggs and potatoes. Maybe I was just disturbed by the thought of vegetables on my breakfast?

We both agreed that what set the breakfasts apart was the quality of the meat and the eggs. The sausages in particular were excellent; well flavoured and not a hint of gristle or that slightly grey colour that comes with cheap bangers. Such a simple thing to get right, but the Bristolian obviously cares about its produce and that makes for a good breakfast.

Peanut butter brownie from the Bristolian, BristolWe finished our meal with some great coffee and, despite my grand talk of being able to manage a breakfast pudding, I had to take my unbelievable peanut butter brownie for the road. Even I admitted defeat with that one. Thankfully I found a bit of room later on and managed to struggle it down.

Obviously I’m lying about the struggle. I wolfed it down.

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